How To Decorate Blank Cd I Want To Decorate The Cover Of My Blank DVD's, How Do I Burn Or Images To The Cover Of A Blank Cd/dvd?

I want to decorate the cover of my blank DVD's, how do I burn or images to the cover of a blank cd/dvd? - how to decorate blank cd

I have a CD / DVD, but I'm not sure what I have to take a picture on the cover of the CD / DVD Blank


thebestn... said...

the reaction of the other, "he said, must use a printer or a special DVD recorder that can refer to a specific graphic. Nero able to save design, printing or pictures on a Windows XP system.
a system of registration is called "LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling. and I think it was and is a license or HP.
However, there is a similar system on the market.
And the media for a particular standard inkjet or laser printer, check with your local office supply or stationery.
So, in other words, you are LightScribe discs or similar direct laser engraving on the disc can be rotated.

up.tobat said...

You need a printer that can do that.

teabagme said...

If your LightScribe media and programs such as Nero and SureThing LightScribe-compatible. If you do not need a program LightScribe labeling. Most software is already burning.
CD / DVD label kit and a printer. Even if you use the images for movies and software you are here you can download.

TheHumbl... said...

I have a program called "Afterburner". It is about $ 9,10 and came with sample labels. You can design your labels, click Print. For CDs, there are two on one side. They feed them just like any other label. The instructions explain how to create a graphic or picture.

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